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About the company

Bets, bookmakers, how to earn, how not to run into difficulties, and where the rating of bookmakers is, what if they dupe me, what works how, and who is an expert here...

This is far from being a complete list of thoughts that come to the mind of people who make their first bet, in a word — a headache. Some people bet for fun; others are engaged in professional analytics, but all of them have similar problems, and a single resource that would give you answers to the most common questions plus helps you get started is needed. Betru is all about it.




But... When a person enters a website on which the brand looks like we’re still in the 90s, and the accountant was in charge of the logo — this is quite a problem, so the task was extremely clear: to turn the company’s brand into a modern one, to demonstrate growth rates, and to develop a communication style in which we use “you” to address the customer as if he were our close friend.

A brand is about emotions, about how you feel when you use a company`s product

Here you can find expert advice, a section for beginners, and plenty of useful information for people who have long been betting as well as a match center for you not to miss anything, a rating of bookmakers, reviews, and a lot of other things. You don’t need to rummage through different websites in search of the necessary information; just visit one portal where all you need is at hand. This is where the rocket comes from... More precisely, the logo featuring a rocket but depicted in an unusual style, without hackneyed, rounded, drawing shapes. Both simplicity and a clear understanding of the future visual component are present here.

You can go into space!

That’s why Betru today is about your personal growth; about the speed of it that the portal ensures; about the possibility to find everything here and now, without having to look through a pile of web resources; about the development in the right direction which makes flying into space possible since where there’s a will, there’s a way.