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About company

You want your child to read from the age of 4, solve in their minds praxis with 2- and 3-digit numbers, know English, geography and much more, be able to think creatively, compose and implement strategies in various projects ? Then, Mimishkin is just what you need!


It was necessary to develop a concept for the development of the kindergarten of the Premium class. This should include naming, corporate style and website.

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We took into account many parameters and carefully approached the process of working with the details. Invented with the customer a cool name went to the development of a logo where tied bears and love making everything in a more modern style.

Mimishkin logo


Then we developed a corporate style for the company. It was important that the children felt comfortable in the buildings, as the interior design was developed based on the concept that was proposed by our team. It`s nice to see a stylish signboard, notebooks in the hands of children and costumes with the symbols to which we put our hand.

Mimishkin branding


Mimishkin Website