Largest UBER Partner

About company

Uberex is the largest partner that is a world-class taxi service with low prices, service quality, and a very convenient application. Uberex provides free connection to the system on favourable terms.

Uberex logo


To make a landing that will stand out among competitors and create maximum brand credibility. Moreover, when analyzing the market, we noticed that the sites in that niche practically copied each other, and, therefore, the task was to build a completely different structure and call to action elements, so as to get the maximum result.

Uberex website


We came up with a lightweight, minimalist logo for the company. Creative approach to banners, using high-quality images. The presentation was performed in the general style of the brand.

Uberex presentation
Uberex presentation
Uberex presentation


A modern, adaptive, unconventional design in conjunction with structured blocks that lead to the target action ultimately gave the desired result and led to a conversion of 15%.

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