Battle Drones is a game metaverse, where different players can complete the game and get specific tokens. is a game metaverse, where different players can complete the game and get specific tokens.

The game has its own table of the best players and different ratings by category.

The P2E market has been gaining momentum for a long time and the founders of Battledrones want to take a worthy place in it.

We faced the task of developing an advertising landing page + UX/UI design of the product itself.

Let's start with the landing page:

At the beginning, the task from the client sounded like this:

We want it to be fun, a cool modern site with some WOW animations aimed at the gaming audience, we like the Western feel and also the sky theme.

At the beginning of our work, we immersed ourselves in analytics.

TA: Age range from 15 to 50 years. The range is very wide, as we saw a lot of players from 15-30 years old in the competition. But what was really interesting was the fact that there are also plenty of players aged 40-50, these are the kind of "drone dads" who like to relax in the drone game, but who, as a rule, have heard about the game and the P2E market from their children or younger colleagues.

So we presented the analytics to the client, discussed that we wanted to combine the idea of a 3D drone with a simpler, more understandable design. such interactivity would add interest and motion to the site, while older users would also feel great.

This is what our drone looks like flying straight to the landing:

Also other Landing blocks:

Regarding the UX/UI design of the platform.

In the game itself, you can both choose a character, that is, the basis, and buy specific elements or weapons for him, so it was important to make the interface as user-friendly as possible, at the same time, after analysis, we understood what should not be done, what competitors have, which elements suit us best + what creative details to add to make it a certain level of interactivity

In the user account, you can add items you like to the wish list, there is also a convenient filter + all drones and drone items are also sorted by category.