Velas Brand

Velas is an ecosystem of decentralized products that allows you to experience the benefits of blockchain technology.

The crypto market is a very competitive area, which, moreover, is now on the hype, so here you just need to have a strong brand that will form a loyal community. When we first saw the products of our new client and the scale of the company, we realized that a lot of work awaits us, a complete reincarnation, a brand renewal and the creation of a visual identity that will be different from anything on the market.

Video for Velas nft lab:

We immediately understood with the client’s team that we needed to move towards futurism, caught inspiration in cyberpunk, space and combined all this with the Slavic god Veles, from which the brand’s naming went.

Having updated the logo, we switched to the basic corporate identity: we created a new color palette, fonts, and corporate elements. Velas now has a rectangle with cut corner that can now be seen both:

in marketing media and in products. There is also neon, lines, planets and all this together creates a new visual appearance that is difficult to confuse with someone.

The brand also has its own style and voice in advertising campaigns. We demonstrate that the future is already here, and we are the ones who create it, are not afraid to be bright, noticeable and speak as informally as possible, but at the same time we try to convey difficult technological solutions to our community in simple language.