Dohrnii is on a mission to bring financial and crypto education to everyone

In this case, our task was to develop comprehensive branding for the crypto company Dohrnii, taking into account the brand legend and naming.

Dohrnii – the name that symbolizes…

Dohrnii is the only known species of jellyfish that is capable of transforming.

This animal, at any stage of its life, can turn back into a polyp: when it starves, when it changes temperature, when it decreases salinity. They settle down and turn into polyp.

Then the polyp produces the kidneys in which the future jellyfish are formed. These metamorphosis can be repeated countless times.

So we symbolize our company as an immortal company.

Community, which is ready to change under difficult conditions in the market, we can also under difficult circumstances become smaller to survive this period and continue to return to normal state and functioning.

When we read more information about these jellyfish, looked at what the company is doing, + the name itself sounds cool,

as if all the puzzles came together. We were inspired by the marine theme, + cyberpunk style. 

Neons that this jellyfish emits are perfectly combined with neon city in cyberpunk reffs, and its colors are generally laid down in our color palette and perfectly suit for our conception. 

At the center of our identity is the living element, which is the main in the style.

It resembles a jellyfish, it is alive, it fits in style, it changes its shape in motion, it will perfectly fit into the concept of a new site, as it is made using code, this is not just a video or a picture.

We also created cool 3D shapes that look great in any media, we have a blur effect, there is a water effect in the photo that we use pointwise, there is a glow, there are neons.

3D elements that we created from scratch for our design system also play an important role:

As well as our signature thin lines that perfectly fit into the overall system:

Let's start with the logo, which is also our jellyfish


Extended color palette:


Now let's move on to social networks.

We spend a lot of time on them, since we live in the 21st century and everyone spends a large part of their day on social networks.

As a rule, we don't only do the design of social media, but also a guide for managing social networks, which includes a set of topics and all templates for each of the platforms + recommendations regarding the style of communication.

It looks like this:


Now let's move to the web design, since in our branding we developed elements of UI design, as well as later on the web design of the new site according to the branding style.

New site design: