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About company

TM “Alpitec” is a company with which we have been working for more than 2 years. This time, the guys needed to develop high-quality UX/UI design for their own ERP system since none of the services offered on the market was fully suitable and each needed multiple modifications.

Own system

It was decided to create their own system, which would be tested by the company`s employees, partners, and, with positive feedback, it could be brought to the market as an independent software for building materials manufacturers.


Our task was to develop stylish, adaptive, UX/UI design. The main emphasis was placed on design as it turned out to be 310 screens altogether, and it was necessary not to miss a single detail. Also, before the start of the work, there was a task to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, proper segmentation of Central Asia, and bringing a truly strong player to the market.


We conducted a comprehensive market analysis, SWOT analysis, understood our key advantages, and then developed a unique style that harmonizes perfectly with the corporate style of Alpitec. Everything is done in modern realities: flat design, vertical menu with a hamburger, convenient cash desks for calculations, convenient navigation, and design that is intuitively understandable from the first moment of working with the system.