Design & Acoustics

Prestigious space for work and life

About company

Design & Acoustics is a powerful, dedicated team of managers, designers, planners, and builders. The guys work in B2B and create a prestigious space for work and life, taking into account the acoustic comfort in the room, from 3D visualization with selected materials to installation work and photography of the finished object. There is a full range of services and materials for the implementation of the future project.

Modern website

The client needed help in developing a modern website with an adapted design, Wow animation and clear navigation, which would create in the eyes of potential customers an image of a reliable, modern partner.


It was also necessary to implement everything in the format of the landing page with a portfolio, understandable “call to actions” and tariffs, as well as add background audio to fully immerse yourself in the company’s atmosphere.


After analysis, we developed a website that is completely different from what is on the market.


It was possible to conveniently place the catalogue in one block with a clear call to action. Adaptive design, 2 forms of capture, video presentation of services, Wow animation, layout stretch on CMS WordPress + content optimization for fast loading on mobile devices.