Easy Drop is a referral system from Easy x company with elements of gamification, which is aimed at attracting new users and forming a loyal community.

As a rule, referral programs are designed very dry, so we tried to look at it more like a game, added a little interactivity.

The user has to enter through the referral link, connect the wallet and can spin our sphere, receiving points, perform tasks, and most importantly invite other users through his referral link, of course also receiving points for this.
The entire system is developed in accordance with our branding using those elements that were in the Web kit. Now let's go through the screens. When the user has just entered the site, he needs to connect the wallet and enter the invite code.
When the user performs these actions, he sees a pop-up with tips, where there is a step-by-step explanation of how the system works, how to earn points, etc.

We have 3 tabs in the menu, that is, the airdrop itself, the leaderboard, as well as the video tutorial.

When the user logs in for the first time, he does not yet have a list of people who followed his referral link, so it is possible to create the link in 1 click. On the right is the task panel, as well as the spin itself. New tasks for the telegram and x.com always appear here, and all the points you have and your rating in the system will be found also here.
When the user has already created a referral link and has a certain number of people who have registered in the system using this link, he will see a list of everyone who did it, the points you received for it, and also if you later want to see all the accruals of points in the system, it is also a special tab where it is always displayed so that the user understands the calculation mechanism.
If the user has a desire to see the most active characters in the system and whether he is sometimes among them, then the leaderboard tab contains all the data

Well, probably the most important attribute of our system is the spin itself.

Here we made an animation of our sphere. The user can both spin one spin and all are available at once for the amount of points he has + he will also receive points for each spin. The animation turned out to be quite cool, in general, the principle of gamification contributes to the involvement of the audience and greater involvement in the process itself.