EasyX is a company that makes leveraged trading easy and accessible to everyone, and also creates the future of decentralized trading.

We have many cases for the crypto&fintech industry and we know how to work with it, but the problem is that every time we need to create something new, something where the combination of creativity and an integrated approach will give results in sales

After the analysis stage, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. We understood that result need to be simple, clear, explain difficult technical things in simple words + simplicity in branding should be transferred to the user experience.
Users should feel that we are a reliable partner with whom they want to interact, and the process of working with the brand and the site should also be as simple as possible, so we presented everything in the form of a story. Now about everything in turn.
We developed a font version, highlighting the letter X, which can easily be used as a favicon. One of the lines was extended and separated so that there was a distinctive feature and the logo looked more interesting.
Cold tones, at the same time there are dark blue backgrounds for use in product design. Green and azure add brightness and sharpness. They immediately decided on the gradients. In fintech products, they often play one of the key roles, both in advertising and in the application, in our case they also fit into the general style.
The combination of Montserrat and Roboto is not revolutionary, but it is a great combination that gives results and is well received by the target audience.

At the heart of the brand is a shape that symbolizes simplicity, flexibility and convenience

We created a set of clear elements that visually convey the essence of the brand

We use gradient headers, a particle from the logo as a symbol, different background shapes, a line of text, and our key object in the form of a 3D round shape that looks futuristic, but at the same time seems like something alive, pulsating.
A set of infographics used in creating a presentation or pitch deck

The SMM strategy deserves special attention

We don't just design avatar and posters in social networks for our clients. As a rule, this is a comprehensive strategy, with a set of topics, communication style and clear recommendations and key visuals that the client can use in his activities.
In fact, he has everything in order to competently manage social networks and form a loyal community there, this, in turn, is very important in the crypto sphere.

Leverage made easy