Idest Home

More than a furniture

Our brand direction

We are currently selling furniture and transforming our clients homes from empty boxes into cool and cozy spaces for living, but who doesn`t want that? About half of all furniture is prefabricated kitchens. We make them to order, we do everything on a turnkey basis, so we take care of all the worries. The client can come up with a style and design, or entrust it to us and get a cool result at the end.

From concrete boxes to your own kingdom.
What does the client want to get?

For many clients, the process of apartment renovation and selection of furniture turns into a second job. We want to make this process simple, easy and become their assistant whom they trust in the atmosphere in which they will wake up for the next few years.

Furniture as a pride

We want the furniture in the house to give a cool mood, so that you can post a photo with pride on Instagram and everyone can see what a cool place you live in, we want to do everything with high quality and on time, we want the client to receive not only furniture, but also a cool charge positive and energy both from the products themselves and from the process of communication with our company, as well as from the work process.

Communication style

We want to become a good companion and helper for everyone who chooses new furniture for their home and thinks about where to stay, therefore:

We are alive

we have emotions, a sense of humor (moderate).

We are informative

we speak only to the point, but in our own style.

We are simple

as if we are talking with a colleague or friend over a cup of coffee, without intricate and complex words.

Let`s think about what furniture is?

These are not just structures that need to be assembled in the house so that it is not empty - it is like a Lego constructor, here every detail must be harmonious and create a big picture.

Just a furniture?

But should we be, in terms of our brand, fully associated with furniture? I think not, we need to create our own positioning based on the emotions that buying cool furniture for our clients gives.

More than a furniture!

When a person buys a cool kitchen, he realizes that now this is not just a place where you can cook food, this is a space where you can sit with a cup of coffee, work at a cool table and even take a photo for Instagram, which will collect a lot of likes, so we will proceed from the fact that our products give cool emotions for customers and therefore we do not sell kitchens, we sell those components that help a person to build his space in which it is comfortable, cool, fun and always good emotions.