Kiev - the city that they built

About company

Kyivmiskbud is a brand. A brand with a capital letter that has long been on the market and is well known to everyone. The leader of the construction industry in Ukraine. The largest operator of the real estate market, focused on the needs of middle-income citizens.


Our task was to develop an advertising campaign concept backed by stylish design of boards. The main task was to reach out to the younger audience and show that the brand is keeping up with the times, introducing innovations, and tracking trends.


We made several concepts and, although we were not able to approve all of them as, after all, Kyivmiskbud has more conservative views, an excellent collaboration and invaluable experience came out.


We also worked on creating a presentation for the sales department. Now all the contractors who want to establish cooperation with the KMB understand the technical part of the project, the wishes of the developer. All this is presented in a single presentation, which will take many issues away.