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LuduFi is the world's first P2E gaming platform hosting Blockchain Games, where gamers can play hundreds of P2E games for free, all in one place.

Ludufi comes from Australia, we have already worked with innovative blockchain projects from this country, so we have an idea of what they want from us. Having attracted a round of investments, the project team needed comprehensive branding + development of marketing materials for further market entry and scaling.

After a series of negotiations with the customer, we understood the motion vector. Our task was to create something progressive, bright and something associated with movement and play.

Since this is not our first P2E crypto project, here we have created elements that have not been used before.

The company logo was left at the customer's request, all other elements were created from scratch.

We took as a basis the dark blue background, which will be used in the game platform, and added bright shades of yellow, pink, and purple to it. This combination is not boring + the service interfaces look very friendly, usability is always in the first place.

The basis of the typography is the Grtsk font family.

It is quite sporty and playful, it perfectly conveys the character of the brand in our case.

Design system: WEB3.0 projects often use different 3D shapes in their branding. We are not an exception here. One of the main elements of the brand has become a figure that resembles a 3D artifact from the game.

We developed different textures for her so that the use is not repeated constantly + we developed a series of pictures of different positions, angles, and textures.

Also, the use has both a background character and a main element, in the foreground, adding variety.

Also we added game figures in design system, which were used next to the text.

One of the key elements is the neon stroke along the contour of the characters, it fits perfectly into the style + is easy to use, especially in SMM, where this element was especially liked by the company's community managers.

And of course SMM strategy.

We have repeatedly pointed out that in blockchain projects, a correct, comprehensive SMM strategy is of great importance, since the community is one of the key element on the way to building a successful crypto project.

Here we also came up with topics for managing social networks, SMM strategy, developed creative templates, which significantly increased the work for the customer.