Prophecy is about Greek mythology presented in a contemporary style.

The customer approached us with the task of conducting a comprehensive rebranding, but making minimal "shenanigans" with the logo, because the team liked it and had a sacred meaning as the beginning of something big, made with their own hands.

We didn't have any special complaints about the logo, we only slightly modified its features and made it more alive + demonstrated how you can use it in a square and various variations.

Further, when we talk about the elements of corporate identity, on our board were both traditional Greek sculptures and pictures from the Oblivion movie. Putting it all together, we added a lot of brand lines, new colors, circles with titles, and the cherry on the cake is a gradient that fits perfectly into the whole style.

By the way, our merch could easily be sold in some trendy clothing store, check it out

Prophecy Site

Do you often see horizontal scrolling on your website supplemented with 3D objects? I don't think so...

Everything is combined in our work for the Prophecy website, because the task was to create something completely new. Since this is a promotional landing page that was supposed to make every new visitor to the site say: «Wow, this is insanely cool.