Telegram concept

A new era of messaging


The current Telegram app for Android has a classic material design. This system was developed in 2014, but now almost a new decade. We think, it is time to change, and introduce our vision to the Telegram application design.

Simple login

Now you don’t need to type your phone number manually. Just select one of your SIM card.


Separate all messages to categories and add pinned chats for fast access to your favorite peoples and channels.


Put it down for more comfortable use with one hand. And separate all item to three categories: account, app nav and create new.

Single chat

Completely change chat screen. Now it is cleaner and more convenient


Share anything with anyone. Front or rear camera, photo, video, files and other.

Theme settings

Customize everything what you want. A lot of schemes, default or custom accent color, chat backgrounds and more other settings.

Dark Blue theme
Black theme
Full Presentation