TM Alpitec

Construction materials for professionals and household uses

About company

New brand of construction materials for professional and household use. European quality at affordable prices. The assortment includes: foams, glues, sealants, paints, glass cutters.


Our cooperation with this TM began in 2016 and we still get along well with each other, understanding what kind of an outcome should be. At that time, the client had their own stores selling building materials but they wanted to create their own brand, develop it, proceed to the dominant positions on the market, and, most importantly, bring the brand online.


The objective was to create a modern resource, which would be a means of communication with potential partners. To increase brand awareness and sales in the B2b segment.

Package design

The first was painted exterior paints and primers in the style of the brand. The customer liked and subsequently developed and continues to develop designs of the most different packages.


Developed a website design that matches the visual concept of the company. The structure of the resource is adapted to the target audience as much as possible. Easy site navigation and clear placement of blocks.

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