Energy independence and autonomy

About company

UkrAvtonomGas is a company that wants to make everyone independent of energy and autonomous when using energy resources. The company`s task is to inform everyone of the benefits of using liquefied gas and make it affordable, and the mission is to implement the energy security of the citizens of Ukraine, as well as to create the infrastructure and delivery of energy to industrial enterprises.

Our task was to develop a new company identity based on positioning.

As one of the main elements was chosen a trade mark light located in the centre of the logo. We scaled it up and got a cool pattern, which later was used on media. This had become a great element in increasing brand awareness. Also, near the light, we placed the circles that were taken from the propane molecule. They perfectly complement the trade mark strip and look great in a bundle.


Then, it was just a matter of time to prepare all the media, from a rug, notebooks, pens, to the design of office components, company vehicles, trucks, gas tanks, and the company`s branded stations.