Uno City House

Is a union

By nature, a person is social, inclined to communicate, strives to unite in groups of interests and common views.
At first glance, it may seem that everyone is doing the same thing, living the same way, dressing, solving the same problems, but at heart they are all different.
Someone strange, someone serious, one loves dawn, another sunset, but everyone wants to be free, communicate with others, enjoy life, and not just live every second.
Uno is a union. Living at Uno means being able to meet your neighbor on the terrace, why not dance? To have the opportunity to discuss your project with like-minded people, the opportunity not to be locked in four walls, but to use all the space for life and work.
The line is taken from the logo concept. She goes through different events, different people, taking all the best emotions, ideas, plans and unites them in one place called Uno City House. Simple, stylish, memorable pattern.