Velas Website

We created a cool functional site with glitch effects and custom animations for our partner, the company Velas

When you have a cool brand and your own voice, the question of the same crazy site becomes especially acute. The task from the customer sounded simple: "Make one of the best sites in the niche", well, it seems to us we coped with this and launched a rocket.

How was it really? When we started working on the project, branding was at the final stage, but after a short time, some questions still remained open. We started with a list of questions: who is our site for, what is important to each of the target audiences and how to make the most understandable ux and space ui, with glitch, neon, animation. After a series of brainstorms, the answers were received and everything worked out in the design concepts.

In one of them, we came up with a style that is now familiar to many, and in the other, we came up with a tunnel connecting to a scroll. The customer liked both options, we took concept 1 as a basis and added some elements from the other, everything that happened next is a matter of technique and cool execution of the team, but this site definitely found a response in the crypto audience, as evidenced by more than 300 reviews in the official Velas community in telegram,

as well as the growth in the value of the Token at the time of the launch of a new resource.

In addition, a holistic brand and a new web resource helped our clients to be perceived by their investors as an innovative company that is ready to create trends and be an industry leader.

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