Web Academy

It`s not just courses, it`s a family

About company

I think that the Web academy does not need introduction since for many years they have been at the forefront of their market, providing the best programming courses for people who want to enter the IT field and get the necessary knowledge and skills for that.

The guys needed high-quality rebranding and we were happy to accomplish the tasks.
New brand

We started with rethinking of the brand and the new logo, which now looks modern and stylish. We picked out beautiful fonts and added some brightness to the colours, now we want to “be friends with them”.

Media branding

Then, we proceeded to branding the media, to which we also added creative elements. The customer received new pens, notebooks, letterheads, branded business cards, mugs, bags, envelopes.

Wears for students and teachers

As well as cool t-shirts and sweaters for both students and teachers with original copyright.


In the end, we also designed the Web academy community on fb, where now every event is supported by beautiful design.