ЖК Concordia

Business class house for balance and harmony

About project

Concordia is a residential complex in the format of a club house. The house stands apart on a hill, surrounded by private homes, which guarantees the views of the old Podil, the banks of the Dnieper and the historic center of Kiev. Also, the absence of dense buildings nearby guarantees the norm of sunlight, which is facilitated by panoramic stained-glass windows, with UV protection and additional noise insulation.


We needed to develop promotional materials for the RC to be used in the sales department. We focused on a stylish, elegant design, emphasizing the style of the complex itself, but also developed materials that combine creativity and sales.

Plannings Album

The album of plannings is intended for demonstration by employees of the sales department to potential customers of all planning decisions of the residence complex. There is also a demonstration of possible redevelopment options, as well as interior design options that are fit in style.


The booklet gathered all the important information about the complex: location, places nearby, technical information, brand legend, advantages, etc. All this in combination with colorful visualizations of the RC.


On the flyer, potential buyers can see the floor on which there is a layout that has attracted attention and is already being considered as a possible purchase. Also, all this comes with visualization of the complex itself, a place for recordings and a map with the placement of the RC and infrastructure facilities nearby.